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What  We Do

The first operation we carry out is giving your laptop or PC a thorough healthcheck and based on the results, we carry out the necessary work. With your approval all along the way.

Based in Nottingham, Bettabytz are a computer repair shop. Here at Bettabytz we strive to give the customer support and quality of work we can, so that our customers can feel safe in the knowledge that their computer is in good hands.

At Bettabytz we know that for many people, a computer is essential, and that is why we provide the level of care that we do, along with a large range of refurbished Laptop, Desktop and Tower Computers that we ensure are up to date, and have the software necessary to use in everyday life.

For the first time we now also offer phones and tablet repair services. We know that peoples phones are their lives, so we offer the best possible care when repairing phones and other devices.

Standard Virus removal



Virus Vemoval

Hardware Valet

intermediate virus removal


Virus Removal


Hardware Valet

Ultimate reinstall and optimisation



System Reinstall


Data Recovery/Back up

Hardware Valet

And so much more ...

And more …

Graphics Optimisation

Disc Check

Software and runtime updates

Compatability Checks

FREE PC/Laptop Health Check

Is your laptop or PC running slow? Do you think you might have a virus or some malware? Perhaps it seems to be getting a bit too warm? Our FREE PC/Laptop heathcheck will pinpoint the problem and we can then sort it out.

Standard Service

Our Standard £30 Service will see all those nasty viruses and malware removed. And at just £30, that’s amazing value. We also give the Hardware a Valet and remove all the dust.

Intermediate Service

To step up your options for a further £10, we can optimise your PC or Laptop to ensure it runs at it’s best. As with all our services, we’ll give your PC or laptop a Valet. Just to make sure it looks it’s best as well.

Ultimate Service

The Ultimate Service we provide will ensure that all the bases are covered. With your Data saved and restored, a system reinstall along with optimisation will see your PC or laptop put back into amazing shape with a return to good perform or better and look as good as it works.

And There’s More …

Other specialist services include, Gaphics Optimisation, Disc Checks, Software and Runtime Updates and Compatability Checks. Our Techies also carry out hardware repairs, including, Charger socket replacement, screen replacement, Mother Board replacement.

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