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Virus Removal

Virus removalVirus’s can cause major issues to computers, as well as stealing important data and even your bank details. We offer a full virus removal process, which not only 100% clears the system of virus’s, but it also speeds the computer up. Along with the removal we clean the laptop of dust for free and repair any missing system files.

Time scale: 2-3 days

System Reinstall

Operating System reinstallsUnfortunately, a computers operating system can sometimes develop an irreparable fault, if this does happen then there is only course of action, and that is to re-install it. At Bettabytz we do this procedure as quickly as possible so that we can return the computer to the owner, we also offer free data recovery, so that pictures, music and documents aren’t lost during the repair process.

Time scale: 2-3 days

Data Recovery

Data recoveryData can unfortunately get corrupted or even deleted by mistake. Bettabytz offers data recovery to customers who need to salvage that data. This procedure is not 100% successful due to the fact that hard-drives can fail completely. The price and time taken also vary according to the amount of data we retrieve and how bad the fault is.

Time scale: Varying

Hardware Valet

Hardware ValetingWe know that all computers collect dust and dirt from daily life and that is why we offer a full clean up on all computer related hardware for collection on the same day as book in. Fans soon become clogged up with particulate dust and this causes overheating, leading to motherboard and other damage as well as being a fire hazard. This repair not only improves the apearance of a computer but also decreases the chances of it over heating. It is recomended that a dust cleanup is done every few months.

Time scale: 1 day

Screen Replacement and Repair

Screen replacement and repairLaptop screens are fragile, they can easily break, at Bettabytz we know that this can be worrying, and that is why we offer competitive prices for high quality screen replacement. The price varies depending on the screen but the quality of work and speed is always fantastic.

Time scale: 2 days (excluding new screen delivery time)

Motherboard Replacement and Repair

Motherboard Replacement and RepairMotherboards are the most important part of  computer, as they connect all the components together. Because the get a lot of usage they can occasionally develop a fault. Bettabytz fixes both laptop and full size motherboards at a competitive price and to the highest standard, because we know how important your computer is to you.

Time scale: 2-5 days

Phone Repairs

Phone repairsBettabytz offers repairs to almost every phone on the planet.

Come in for a price for your repair.

Tom Tom and other repairs

Other RepairsBettabytz is now offering repairs on many other household electrical items, such as Satnavs, TVs, an many others. Come in anytime to see if we can fix your item, or call us for information and a quote.

*Please note we can not offer repairs to games consoles.